Linnanmäki’s new ride Swingi is arriving in 2024!

In 2024, Linnanmäki amusement park is welcoming the exciting new attraction Swingi! The ride, which moves in a pendular fashion, has been built by Intamin, one of the top attraction manufacturers in the industry. The same company is also behind Linnanmäki’s rollercoaster Taiga.

Linnanmäki has some exciting news to share: the world-class attraction Swingi is arriving in the amusement park in time for the  2024 season of fun. The ride, which moves in a pendular fashion, will be built in the centre of the park, where Kieputin used to stand.

"Swingi will have visitors sitting on board a gigantic pendulum which swings from side to side at nearly 100 kilometres per hour. At the highest point, Swingi will lift you up to a height of 40 metres at a 120-degree angle, and a wonderful view of Helsinki will open up in front of you," says Linnanmäki’s Development Director Anssi Tamminen.

Visitors will get to admire the view of Helsinki in all directions, as the ride has a spinning seating area, and the people on board are facing outwards. All of Helsinki is literally under your feet, as your legs are hanging free in the air.

“At times your feet will be pointing towards the sky, and in the next moment you are travelling face down, which will make even the most dedicated daredevils shriek with delight,” Tamminen describes.

Swingi’s pendulum is moved by the mass of the attraction itself, so those aboard will be able to enjoy a real sense of weightlessness throughout the 2-minute ride. One of Swingi’s many impressive features is that the pendulum motion of the ride will at times lift visitors slightly higher than their seats, which will allow them to enjoy a phenomenon called air time. Swingi can take 40 visitors at a time.

“We are always trying to improve the selection of rides at Linnanmäki, and we are constantly keeping an eye on the rides at amusement parks around the world. We fell in love with this particular ride, which is officially called Gyro Swing, at Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was easy to choose the name Swingi for the ride coming to Linnanmäki, as it describes the swinging movement of the ride so well,” Tamminen says.

The new ride Swingi is built by Intamin, a well-known and highly regarded attraction manufacturer. Other Linnanmäki rides from the same manufacturer are Kirnu, Hurjakuru, Panoraama, and the exhilarating rollercoaster Taiga. 

“It is very important for us to keep improving Linnanmäki and to offer our visitors the best possible experience. Intamin felt like the natural choice as a partner, as we have already carried out several successful attraction projects with them in the past. The latest of these was the exciting rollercoaster Taiga, which has won many awards in the field,” explains Linnanmäki’s Managing Director Pia Adlivankin.

“A large part of the experience on an amusement park attraction is the theme and soundscape created around the ride. Swingi will be playing around with the swing music theme, so this exciting ride will also be surrounded by a unique and fascinating world of music created in collaboration with IMAScore, which is a company that is well-known for producing experience soundtracks,” Adlivankin continues.

Linnanmäki’s new ride Swingi will be built in the area of the park that was previously occupied by Kieputin. Kieputin has already been removed, and the foundation work is about to start for the new ride. Some of the more nostalgia-inducing parts of the old ride have been saved for future use. The building work will be put on hold during the next season, but as soon as the season of fun 2023 ends, the work on erecting the new ride will begin. Visitors will be welcomed aboard Swingi in the 2024 season.