No coronavirus cases found at Linnanmäki

No coronavirus cases found at Linnanmäki

On Sunday 26 July around 3–6 pm, Linnanmäki amusement park was visited by a group of people who were diagnosed with coronavirus a few days later. According to the Epidemiologic operations unit at the City of Helsinki, the group may have exposed other customers of the amusement park to the virus, but Linnanmäki’s staff members have not been exposed as all their encounters with these persons were short and took place outdoors. Exposure to the virus can take place in any situation where many people spend more than 15 minutes together without adhering to social distancing. That is why Linnanmäki wants to remind its visitors that it is crucial to keep a safe distance between themselves and other visitors.

Linnanmäki’s visitor capacity has been reduced to one third of normal visitor numbers. Linnanmäki is monitoring the number of visitors in real time, and throughout the season the maximum number of visitors has been kept at 7,000 people at all times.

“On the day in question, 26 July, Linnanmäki had no more than 5,500 visitors, and at the end of the presumed exposure period, at 6 pm, there were only 3,000 customers in the park. This is less than a third of the number of visitors on the same date last year,” Managing Director Pia Adlivankin explains.

For Linnanmäki, protecting the health of all customers is extremely important. A number of measures have been taken in the park to ensure that visitors can have fun in a safe way. The park now has nearly 100 hand sanitising stations, and new hand washing stations have been added throughout the park in addition to the existing toilet facilities. All employees have also been provided with their own bottles of hand sanitiser. Cleaning now takes place more often, and the high-touch surfaces of all rides are disinfected daily. Customers are reminded in various ways to keep a safe distance from other visitors.

“Customers are also reminded about social distancing more often, both through tannoy announcements and by the staff, to make sure that they remember to stay a safe distance away from others while they are having fun. It is still safe to have fun at Linnanmäki,” Adlivankin says.

Linnanmäki hopes that those who are planning a day of fun in the park are responsible and only visit the park if they are healthy. It is important that everyone makes sure to keep at a safe distance from others, wash or sanitise their hands, and follow the guidance given in the park.

An information pack on how to have a safe and healthy day in the amusement park can be found here: