Käepaelad ja piletid

Good to Know

  • Validity periods
    All products are valid until the end of the fun season unless stated otherwise. Unused products will not be redeemed.
  • Safety regulations
    Please check the rides' safety restrictions before arriving at the amusement park. The height-based restrictions to admission on the rides are based on safety limits set by the ride manufacturers and confirmed by the respective authorities. Especially tall or large people may not be able to enter some rides due to the safety bars. Every customer's height is measured at least when entering a ride.
  • Rides free of charge
    Linnanmäki offers eight rides free of charge: Kuuputin, Merirosvolaiva, Muksupuksu, Pienoiskaruselli, Pilotti, Rumpukaruselli, Cinema 4D: Sukelluskello HA-1 and Vankkuripyörä.
  • Adults accompanying children on rides
    Please note that on some rides, children need to be accompanied by an escort who is at least 15 years old. The escort must have a wristband or ride ticket. A child smaller than 100 cm or an escorting adult can enter Hepparata, Maisemajuna monorail, Panoraama, Karuselli and Rekkaralli free of charge, when one of them has a wristband or ticket.
  • Groups
    We are happy to give a separate quote on ticket products for groups of at least 15 people. Please contact the Linnanmäki sales service: [email protected]. More information on corporate and group tickets can be found in the Corporate section.
  • Methods of payment in the amusement park
    All Linnanmäki sales points accept cash. Bank cards and credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Diners, Eurocard, MasterCard and American Express) are accepted in all points of sale except the games. If you have a chip card, you must enter your PIN upon payment. Contact your bank for further information about chip cards.
  • Culture, exercise and recreational vouchers
    Taxation legislation has restricted the use of culture, exercise and recreational vouchers, and these cannot be used in amusement parks. For this reason, culture, exercise and recreational vouchers are not accepted as a form of payment at Linnanmäki.
  • Changes
    Some rides may have to be closed or pre-announced schedules changed because of the weather, technical problems or other exceptional situations. Tickets or wristbands will not be exchanged or redeemed.