Have fun safely

Have fun safely!

Various safety instructions and restrictions apply to the rides and attractions at Linnanmäki amusement park. The aim of these is to ensure customers’ safety on board the attractions.

There are height restrictions for all rides, and these are followed by our staff: if required, they will measure customers. Measurements are taken while the customer is wearing shoes. For some rides children under a certain height must be accompanied by a person over the age of 15. The person accompanying the child must have their own wristband or ticket if the child is taller than 100 cm. On the following rides one adult can accompany two children at the same time: Helikopteri, HipHop, Hurjakuru, Hypytin, Kahvikuppikaruselli, Karuselli, Kyöpelinvuoren Hotelli, Lohikäärme, Maisemajuna, Panoraama, Pilotti, Rekkaralli, Rinkeli, Rumpukaruselli, Taikasirkus, Vankkuripyörä and Vuoristorata. On all other rides each adult can only accompany one child at a time.

Picking up a height stamp for your child from the ticket desk (opposite Kyöpelivuoren hotelli) will make it easier to board our rides. This way we don’t need to measure your child at every ride as the sticker is proof of their sufficient height. Also take a look at our popular Attraction Buddy service. An attraction buddy can visit a few attractions with a child if their guardian cannot or does not want to go on the rides themselves.

For our most intense rides we require visitors to be of good health, and they have specific guidance on how to sit, among other things, because of the sudden and violent movements of the ride. In these rides it is very important to lean your neck and head against the backrest for support and hold on tightly to ensure safety. These rides also have restrictions relating to people with physical disabilities and injuries (e.g. wearing a cast). Due to the safety bars, tall or large people may not be able to enter some rides. Some rides are prohibited or not recommended for pregnant women. Please familiarise yourself with the warnings and instructions and decide whether the rides are suitable for you based on your health.

You can see the height limits and other restrictions for all attractions by downloading the list of safety restrictions. By using the filter function in the top right corner of the Rides page on our website you can also search directly for rides that are suitable for a certain height. In the descriptions on the Rides page you can find more information on health restrictions.

On slow-moving rides you may film with a hand-held device as long as it does not cause any danger. For safety reasons it is unfortunately prohibited to film on Taiga, Kirnu, Magia, Raketti and Ukko. On other rides you can film using an action camera if the camera has been secured correctly and you do not risk dropping it. If using a telescopic arm, it must be kept in the shortest position. Unfortunately it is not allowed to use selfie sticks on the rides for safety reasons.

Other things to consider for a smooth ride:

  • Please queue for the ride in your own spot. Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve spots in the queue. If you need to leave the queue for a moment you should discuss it with the other people in the queue and the ride’s staff first.
  • Please do not sit on or climb over the rides’ fences.
  • You cannot board our rides while intoxicated.
  • Please only eat outside the rides.
  • Keep your shirt and shoes on while riding.
    • The exceptions to this rule are HipHop, Hypytin, Kirnu, Kingi, Raketti, Swingi and Taiga, where you can remove your shoes before the ride.
  • Please make sure that any loose items cannot fall out under any circumstances or leave your loose items outside the ride.
    • Please note: for safety reasons you are not allowed to bring any loose items (including glasses) on a Taiga flight. All loose items must be left in the ride’s lockers.
    • Linnanmäki cannot be held responsible for any lost, broken or dropped items.
    • It is not always possible to retrieve dropped items during park opening hours.
    • Please note that falling items can be dangerous for other park visitors.

Please always follow instructions given by the ride staff.