Accessibility at Linnanmäki

It is important for us to enable a successful visit for all our customers in the most fun neighborhood in Helsinki. We have compiled tips for accessible amusement in our amusement park on this page.

All areas of the amusement park can be accessed with a wheelchair, stroller, or pram. If you encounter stairs, there is an alternative route available.

The guide for accessible amusement helps you choose the best routes during your visit and provides information about the locations of our accessible services. You can download Accessibility Map here or pick up a printed Accessibility Guide from the main gate’s amusement guide or from the ticket sales points and Information located opposite the Taiga entrance, in the middle of the amusement park. 

Linnanmäki's Fun Masters are always ready to help — please ask for advice and assistance whenever needed!

Arriving to the Amusement Park

To ensure an easy arrival at the amusement park, we offer parking spaces for people with mobility and functional disabilities at Linnanmäki's parking area (Tivolitie 1). These parking spaces are available free of charge with a disability parking permit.

Vehicles transporting visitors with mobility and functional disabilities can drive up the hill leading to the main gate (Tivolikuja 1) and stop in front of the access ramp, allowing visitors to enter the amusement park more easily. Another accessible route to the amusement park area can be found at the main entrance of Sea Life, where you can access the amusement park via the elevator at Sea Life's ticket sales.

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome in the park. Unfortunately, other dogs are not allowed in the area.

Accessible Amusement in the Park’s Services


Several of our rides are suitable for wheelchair users and individuals with mobility disabilities. Here is more detailed information about safety restrictions for each ride.

Wheelchair users or individuals with mobility restrictions can generally access the rides through the ride's exit. In the case of special groups, the entire group can use the ride's exit as an entrance, even if not everyone has a mobility restriction. Please contact the ride's Fun Master, who will provide guidance and assistance to visitors needing individual support and help with accessing the ride.

If desired, individuals with mobility restrictions can also stay on the ride for another round by informing the ride's Fun Master. Please note that a new round requires a wristband or a new ride ticket for paid attractions.

Unfortunately, there is no ramp available at the entrances or exits of Pikajuna, Linnunrata, Panoraama, and Kyöpelinvuoren Hotelli, which makes accessing the rides challenging. The entrance of Vuoristorata is wheelchair accessible, but there are stairs at the exit. However, by contacting the ride's Fun Masters, arrangements can be made for visiting these rides as well.

At Minimäki, you can enter Propelli with your own wheelchair. You can see an image of the Propelli ride's carriage in the upper corner of this page.


Our game Derby can be played while seated in your own wheelchair.

Shows and Gigs

You can access performances at Linnanmäki's Small Stage with full accessibility, and there is also a wheelchair seating.

You can reserve a wheelchair spot in the Peacock Theater’s audience through the ticket sales of the shows.

To easily access gigs and shows at Keidas Terrace, you can use the elevator located on the lower floor of the restaurant building or the restaurant building’s ramp on the side of the Vuoristorata.


All of our restaurants are accessible.

Accessible Restrooms can be found at the following locations:

  • From the entrance of the Peacock Theater
  • From the lower floor of Lintsiburger, on the left side of the cashier
  • From the Restaurant Hurlumhei
  • From the Naurupolku
  • Near the Tulireki Ride
  • Near the main gate, connected to Linnanmäki's Small Stage (please request door unlocking from our Fun Masters)

Tickets and Wristbands

Assistant Wristband

The assistant of a customer who requires individual support and has received a special support decision is granted a free assistant permit. This permit allows the assistant to accompany a paying customer, who is supported on rides and attractions. Please note that the assistant wristband is personal and only allows access to attractions when accompanying the supported person. You can get the tickets and assistant wristband on the day of your visit from the ticket sales points or the Information desk.

Proving the need for an assistant wristband
A person with a disability can prove their need for assistance with the EU Disability Card with the A symbol proving a need for assistance or medical certificate proving the need for an assistant.

Prerequisites for being granted an assistant wristband
A prerequisite for receiving an assistant wristband is that the disabled person must have paid for a ride ticket or a wristband or they must have another type of ticket product. The assistant wristband is granted for one assistant per supported person. Generally, the assistant must be over 18. However, a minor can also be accepted to act as an assistant on a case by case basis. The assistant must truly be able to assist the disabled person.

Please note, if the supported person is 100 cm tall
At Linnanmäki, there are five rides where a child under 100 cm and one guardian can use a single wristband or a single ride ticket. These rides are Hepparata, Karuselli, Maisemajuna, Rekkaralli, and Panoraama. However, please note that the assistant wristband does not grant free entry to the rides; the other person will require a ticket to ride.