Description of personal data file pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation

Date of drafting:          30/10/2018

Updated:          12/4/2024


1. Name of the data file

Description of the customer data file for Linnanmäki’s Season Fun (Kausihupi) App.


2. Controller

Lasten Päivän Säätiö sr / Linnanmäki (later referred to as CDF)

Tivolikuja 1, FI–00510 Helsinki

010 5722 200

Business ID 0116659 -8


3. Contact person

Juho Rissanen

Tivolikuja 1, FI–00510 Helsinki

010 5722 200

[email protected]


4. Information content of the personal data file

The personal data file contains the following personal data of the Season Fun customers:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Year of birth
  • Photo
  • Email address
  • Login details (password/username)
  • Date of Season Fun activation
  • Season Fun user data (dates and times when a wristband has been collected using the Season Fun)


5. Purpose of processing personal data:

The data contained in the customer register of the Season Fun is used as part of the customer relationship while considering the rights and obligations of the customer and the CDF in keeping with the Finnish Personal Data Act.

The Season Fun customer data is used to manage the customer relationship in the following circumstances:

  • Updating Season Fun users’ personal data.
  • Information regarding the Season Fun app (e.g. changes, exceptional circumstances, deals).
  • Clearing up potential problems.

The data contained in the customer register is used for the CDF’s own statistical purposes and for analysis of Season Fun activities. By having more knowledge about the customer profile for this product we can improve the functioning of the product and related service processes.


6. Regular data sources

The data sources are the details entered into the Season Fun app by the customer when downloading the app, as well as verbal information that the staff at Linnanmäki’s collection point gain from the customer when the customer is picking up a wristband.


7. Regular disclosure of data

The data contained in the personal data file is not disclosed to third parties unless requested in writing by the customer or if required by the Finnish authorities.

The data is never disclosed to countries in the EU or outside the European Economic Area.


8. Principles of file security

The data security of the file is secured through appropriate technical and administrative measures. The data is secured using e.g. a firewall, physically securing the premises where devices are kept, access control, rights of use and encryption.

The personal data included in the Season Fun customer data file is saved in a data system which has been protected through usernames and passwords. The data in the file is kept confidential, and only specified people have access to the file.


9. Right of access

A person who has entered their data into the register has the right of access to the data on him/her in the personal data file and the right to demand rectification if the data is not accurate. Personal data may be erased from the file on the customer’s request.

In order to see what data on you has been included in the file, log in to the Online shop with your username and password or get in touch with the contact person via email. We aim to answer questions and respond to feedback regarding the register within seven working days.

The service provider may have to erase data from the register as a result of supervision if the customer has abused the service.


10. Data storage period

We will store customer data for one year after the Season Fun has expired, and then the customer’s details are removed from the customer data file.